When life hands you lemons… make disco lemonade!

You found it! We hope you enjoyed your Baltimore Fancy experience at Light City! If you’re here, that means you got a light-up fruit or you got a sticker and you actually typed in the oddly spelled url to see where it took you—good for you.

As a reminder to always trust in the experience and to make the best of any mixed-up or mis-spelled situation life throws your way, we’d like to offer you the chance to WIN ART!

Please enter some sort of contact information through the entry form linked below to be entered to win one disco fruit bowl. We promise not to use your information for anything other than this prize giveaway—but if you’d like to stay in touch, please join us on Facebook at Formstone Castle Collective or follow us on Instagram at @formstonecastle.

Enter now to win a disco fruit bowl made just for you!